TeamMax Corporation is the U.S sales office for Cheng Fwa Industrial, a sheet metal manufacturer providing high-quality, cost competitive products. As part of the Cheng Fwa Group, our focus is on delivering seamless, end-to-end mechanical solutions that enable our clients to create innovative technology.


We bridge the time and language gap between domestic clients and our ISO Certified Asian manufacturers. Finding efficient, cost-effective ways to address your unique challenges and requirements is our top priority. Our experienced team can simplify your process by providing responsive, state-side technical expertise during the development phase as well as strategic logistic support and supply chain management. Contact us today for a customized solution.

Our Capabilities


Precision Metal Stamping & Fabrication

Our precision tools, automation, and high-volume capabilities ensure we can meet your demands.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototype & Soft Tool Production

Our technical experience allows high-quality prototypes fast, with seamless transition into production.


Tooling Development & Maintenance

We develop, build, and maintain tools, allowing us to protect your investment and bottom line.

Plastic Injection_02

Plastic Injection

We have a dedicated plastic facility and expert tooling engineers.

Powder Coat Spray_05

Finishing Processes

We offer a variety of eco-friendly surface treatments, complex assembly, kitting, and packaging.


Our vast network of manufacturers including sheet metal fabrication, CNC, & hardware can help any organization bring their product to life.

We can take your fully designed product and optimize it for production or take your concept and develop with you.

We provide real-time support throughout the production process working to ensure on time shipments and actively pursue solutions


Hudson, MA

Taipei, Taiwan

Changzhou, PCR

U.S. Sales Office

TeamMax Corporation

282 Central Street Unit 6

Hudson, Massachusetts

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